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Posts tagged "alimony"

Woman gives divorce notice via Facebook

Obtaining a divorce in Texas is not as easy sending a spouse a message on Facebook and changing one's relationship status, but some people have been allowed to use the popular social media site as a way to give someone else legal notice. However, one must go through official channels and have proof of his or her efforts before judges in some states allow one to serve papers through Facebook.

Financial arrangements after divorce for Texas residents

Couples in Texas who are considering divorce must also think about how doing so will affect their financial situation. Individuals may think that they will be required to pay alimony or that they will be able to support themselves using alimony, but these laws have changed over the past two decades.

Divorce finalized for Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony

Texas fans of Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony might be interested to learn that after separating in July 2011, the couple's divorce has been finalized. A judge gave the singers joint custody of their twins in a judgment on June 16, two years after Anthony filed for divorce. The terms of the divorce recognize that former couple will work to shield their children from the press. Unlike Anthony's previous divorce, he won't be required to give his now ex-wife, Lopez, any money in child support.

Understanding the process of divorce

For Texas couples about to end their marriage, it may be difficult to understand the exact steps that are involved in the process. It may be easy to assume that divorce is just a simple split in life paths, but it generally takes a good deal of logistical work to get there. Just as marriage is a financial, emotional, and property entanglement, divorce is an extrication. Often, one of the most trying aspects of divorce is the division of assets. Texas is a community property state, and thus, absent an agreement between the party, the court will divide marital property equally between the parties.