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Posts tagged "Child custody"

Father wins child custody case after daughter secretly adopted

A father has won custody rights of his biological daughter nine years after the child was given up by her mother in a secret adoption. The man's child custody case has been a long and arduous one in which he had to fight for his rights as the biological father. While his state does not actually award custody, it does allocate the responsibilities of a parent, including the authority to make decisions in the child's life and parenting time with him or her. Child custody cases in Texas often involve biological and adoptive children.

Saving court resources in Texas in child custody cases

Divorce can be a tough situation for adults, and the impact on children can be devastating. Luckily, many Texas families are opting to use mediation when a separation of spouses becomes inevitable. Child custody can be handled between the parents with the aid of a professional mediator. When parents are at war and mediation is not a viable option, many divorce and child custody cases end up in a court room, often leading to a result with which one or both parties are unhappy with the result.

How to limit visitation with an abusive parent

A custody fight is never a simple or easy matter, but some Texas parents face a legal battle that includes an additional layer of stress. When a parent is trying to protect his or her child from harm at the hands of the other parent, things can quickly become complicated. Limiting visitation with an abusive parent can be an uphill legal battle, and one in which there are few guarantees of success.

Making a child custody order work after divorce

The youngest members of the family often have the hardest time when their parents divorce. Parents want to protect the best interests of their kids during this time of transition, and one of the most beneficial ways to do this is with a strong, practical child custody order. For many Texas families, this can be accomplished with a co-parenting plan.

Child custody -- what is best for the child

One of the most important decisions that a divorcing Texas couple will make is the one regarding what is in the children's best interest. Should the children stay with mom, or should they stay with dad? Should the parents share joint custody or should one parent retain custody? Child custody issues can linger long after the divorce paperwork has been finalized.

Child custody an issue for some Texas parents

Every other weekend and two weeks every summer has been considered the standard child visitation for a number of years. As times are changing and more and more Texas parents realize the importance of both parents spending time with their children, this standard is evolving. Many parents now agree that it is important for the child to spend time with both parents, and many families are moving towards joint custody arrangements. However, for some parents, this former standard is even considered to be too much, and they attempt to circumvent child custody agreements.

Texas children and divorce

Years ago, a couple would remain married regardless of their circumstances. Many Texas couples believed that remaining unhappily married was best because of the way society viewed divorce and because of the children. However, over the past few decades, society's views on marriage have changed.  Additionally, more and more couples have realized that remaining in an unhappy marriage may do more harm than good when it comes to the children.

How to handle visitation scheduling during graduation season

As summer fast approaches, so does a time of year that is important to many Texas families: graduation season. Preparing to celebrate a child's high school graduation is an exciting time, but it can also throw a wrench into a family's schedule. This is especially true for families that share custody, when parenting time and the existing visitation schedule has to be taken into consideration.

Child custody case will center on the definition of parenthood

When most Texas parents enter into a child custody dispute, the question is how to divide parenting time and the responsibilities of caring for a shared child. When one of the parents does not have a biological or legal tie to the child in question, the matter becomes more complicated. When neither parent has such ties, the case can become groundbreaking. One state will soon examine the issue in depth as a same-sex couple enters into an unusual child custody battle.

Parents left with only visitation after surrogate keeps child

When a couple is unable to conceive a child, the stress and heartbreak can be overwhelming. Many couples choose to look for alternative means of expanding their family, and surrogacy is a popular option. When entering into a surrogacy relationship in Texas or elsewhere, it is absolutely imperative to have the proper legal counsel and to draft the contracts in accordance with the law. One couple learned that lesson in a painful way, and they are now forced to accept limited visitation with the child that they conceived with the help of a surrogate.