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Posts tagged "Child Support"

One state to withhold car registration for child support

Child support is a sore issue in many areas of the United States. People on both sides of the subject can have strong feelings about how and when it should be paid, and what should be done when it is not. In Texas, one new program is having a significant effect on those who are ordered to pay child support and choose not to. That's because in those who reside in the state can no longer renew their car registration if they owe any back child support payments.

The ins and outs of child support

Divorce is a major issue in every state of the U.S. In Texas, as in other states, a divorce can bring many arguments to the table. People involved in divorce often fight over who will get the house, which one deserves the car, and who gets stuck with the bill. However, the biggest argument in any divorce case is not over possessions. All too often, the most bitter disagreement in any divorce is over child support.

The importance of insuring child support payments

When two parents go through a divorce, issues related to their shared children can be among the most emotionally-charged matters at play. Child custody and visitation are often in contention, as is the manner in which the child or children will be cared for financially. Child support is an important topic for many Texas parents, but quite a few divorcing parents fail to give insurance proper consideration. 

Child support and an adoptive parent

Many times, when a Texas couple decides to marry, one or both of the individuals already has children from a previous relationship. While most of the time, the other parent is still involved in the child's life, there are times when that parent is absent. In this case, it is possible that the newly formed family will decide that the new spouse should adopt the child or children. This action goes a long way towards establishing the family foundation; however, in the event of a divorce, sometimes child support can become an issue.

Child support is a responsibility to the child

The state of Texas realizes its responsibility to the children within its borders. As a result, laws are in place to protect these children, and law enforcement agencies take an active role in enforcing these laws. However, the state and law enforcement are not the only ones with a responsibility to Texas's children. First and foremost, the parents are responsible, whether it is in the form of day-to-day care or care in the form of child support payments.

Texas child support and Amanda Stanton headlines

The decision to divorce can be a difficult one to come to terms with. Many Texas couples will expend an enormous amount of time and energy attempting to settle their differences prior to deciding that a divorce is the best option. One of the primary reasons that many couples will go to such lengths is that there are children involved. When there are children in the family, their well-being must be taken into account in deciding on child custody and child support issues.

Texas: Former football star fails to make child support payments

Children can be expensive. In addition to food and clothing, there are school supplies, doctor bills and little league uniforms. Many times, it is difficult for a two-income family to pay for everything that a child wants and needs. It becomes even more difficult when a single parent is attempting to provide for a child. Child support can become an issue when Texas parents decide to divorce or separate.

Child support important to Texas children

Regardless of whether it is a marriage ending in divorce or an unmarried couple deciding to separate, when children are involved, one of the most important considerations for these Texas couples is the children's welfare. In addition to the continued love of each parent, money is necessary to provide for these children. Without the proper child support, children are often forced to go without items that they need.

Phone app could reduce child support tension for parents

Once a divorce or breakup has taken place, many people look forward to never having to interact with their former partner again. For parents in Texas, this is simply not a possibility. Co-parenting requires a degree of continued communication, and when the topic is child support and related expenses, that communication can quickly escalate into full-fledged fighting. One company has developed an app to help defuse child support communications, and it is available for parents to try.

Nearly 50 parents arrested in child support sting

For many in Texas, financial difficulties make it hard to meet one's monthly obligations. This can occur due to the loss of a job, an illness or injury or an unexpected increase in one's cost of living. For many non-custodial parents, child support is among the monthly bills that can fall into arrears. It is important to make arrangements to address outstanding child support payments because a failure to do so can result in serious punitive measures, up to and including arrest and a possible jail term.