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Family Law Archives

More money made available for overhaul of Texas CPS cases

A federal judge has been very critical of the way one state manages its foster care system and is seeking the funds to help alleviate the problem. A Senate panel has tentatively approved a two-year budget, which was designed to help improve the outcomes of CPS cases in the state of Texas. This plan would allow for 382 slots for new "conservatorship caseworkers" for Child Protective Services, as well as provide beds and therapy for foster kids. Conservatorship caseworkers keep up with foster kids once they are in the system.

Couple seeks grandparent rights in child murder case

A couple from another state appeared in court March 13 in order to seek the right to visit with their grandchild, after their daughter was convicted of murdering another grandchild. The mother was also in court to petition for the right of the grandparents (her adoptive parent)s to see her living child. She entered a plea of guilty in the death of her newborn son in January and was sentenced to 15 years, with six years suspended. This grandparent rights trial may be of interest to those grandparents in Texas who face difficulties gaining visitation rights with a grandchild. 

Adoption by a stepparent

There are times when a stepparent in Texas wishes to legally adopt their stepchild. Although challenges may arise, adopting stepchildren is generally a much easier process than other forms of adoption. Unlike other kinds of adoption, the court may not require home visits and adoption hearings. As a result, adopting a stepchild can happen relatively quickly once certain requirements are met.

The rights of noncustodial parents in Texas

When parents are not living together in Texas, they must address the question of living arrangements for their children. While joint custody arrangements are becoming more common, there are still many cases where one parent has custody. Non-custodial parents should understand that they still have parental rights, even if they don't have physical custody of the children.