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Divorce Archives

Why it's crucial to know everything about finances in divorce

A spouse who's been blindsided by infidelity on the part of the other spouse obviously has much with which to contend. Many people in Texas who find themselves in such situations choose to divorce and move on in life. However, if a person is considering divorce and does not possess a thorough understanding of his or her own finances, big problems may loom ahead.

How to spot potential signs of a looming divorce

When it comes to the end of a marriage, no spouse wants to be blindsided with the news that his or her partner is ready to throw in the towel and call it a day. However, thousands of Texas spouses will be surprised when their partner sits them down and asks for divorce. The following signs can help spouses identify when their partner may be considering the end. Having that information in advance can empower spouses to make decisions that are in line with their own best interests.

Use divorce as a springboard to new achievements

Far too many Texas residents view the end of a marriage in an overwhelmingly negative manner. In reality, divorce does represent the closing of one door, but it also offers a multitude of new doors to explore. By changing the way that spouses perceive divorce, there are a number of benefits that can be gained. One is the ability to pursue entrepreneurship in the months and years following the end of a marriage.

One state could lose "no-fault" divorce option

When a Texas couple has tried and failed to save their marriage, they are able to end the union with relative ease. That's because Texas offers couples the ability to end a marriage using a "no-fault" divorce option. One state, however, is considering legislation that would put an end to no-fault divorce.

One state will consider pet "custody" during divorce

Many Texas residents are aware that family courts are unlikely to weigh in on the "custody" of pets. Now, however, one state has enacted legislation that will compel family court judges to change the way that pet custody issues are handled during divorce. That comes as a relief to pet owners who feel strongly that their animals deserve to live with the party who is best able to provide for their care.

Subpoenas issued in Jesse Jackson Jr. divorce

Readers in Texas may be aware of the breakdown of the marriage between former United States Representative Jesse Jackson Jr. and his wife, former Alderman Sandi Jackson. The couple are preparing to divorce after having served prison sentences for the misappropriation of funds that were intended for Jesse Jackson Jr.'s election campaign. Their split is making recent headlines over several subpoenas that have been issued.

Meeting with a pediatrician during a Texas divorce

When Texas parents are divorcing, kids take on a certain degree of stress. Even in situations in which it is clear that divorce is the best course of action, children are still placed in a challenging position when faced with the reality that their lives are about to change. Many will assure their parents that they are doing fine with the divorce, and they will put up a good front for a considerable length of time. In reality, however, they may be struggling and might need the help of a counselor.

Addressing an inherited business during property division

Dividing marital wealth is one of the most central parts of any Texas divorce. When a spouse has inherited a business, understanding how those assets will be handled during property division is a concern for both parties. Businesses that are inherited fall under different rules than those that are built from the ground up, and understanding those differences is critical to reaching a fair division of wealth.

More drama in settled Johnny Depp divorce case

Few Texas readers will have escaped media coverage of the end of the marriage of Johnny Depp and his former wife, Amber Heard. The couple, married for less than two years, parted ways after an alleged domestic violence incident this year. They settled their divorce quickly, but have continued to struggle over the details of that settlement.

One state approves reduced waiting time for divorce

One of the most difficult things to endure for a divorcing couple in Texas or elsewhere is a mandatory waiting period before they can move on with their lives. Each state has its own set of laws when it comes to the timeframe for divorce, and some requirements are far more cumbersome than others. One state has recently shortened the length of time that a couple is required to wait before they are able to finalize a divorce, which is a likely relief to those who are preparing to file in the coming months.