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Adoption Archives

Adoption of 6 kids keeps siblings together

A family recently more than doubled in size after adopting 6 siblings in order to keep them all together. The couple already had five children of their own when they decided to go through with the adoption, giving them a family the size of Texas. The children, four boys and two girls, are happy to have found a home.

Family celebrates a unique adoption, paves way for others

After discovering that they could not have children of their own, one couple considered adoption but felt that they may not have kids at all. Although they had always discussed adoption, the couple had all but given up on the idea of their family being more than just the two of them. That's when a unique individual came into their lives and opened the door for a very different kind of adoption for themselves, and those in Texas and other states.

Couples from 4 states accuse woman of adoption scam

Officials believe that a woman from Carolina Beach lied to four couples from four different states when she promised to let them adopt her baby. In fact, investigators do not even believe that the woman was ever pregnant. The woman has been arrested and charged with obtaining property by false pretenses. Since her arrest, over 20 more people from all over the United States have come forward to claim that they, too, were victims of her adoption scam. It is unclear whether any of the victims were from Texas.

Contested adoption leads to child custody fight

Two families are currently at odds over which will have the right to raise a little girl. The case centers on a contested adoption, and the struggle over which family can best provide for the needs of a child who has only known one set of parents. Many people in Texas and across the nation are watching to see how the courts resolve this matter. What is certain is that the outcome will leave a family devastated.

Tips for making summer visitation a success

With summer vacation in full swing, many Texas parents are excited to spend more time with their children. For those families who have gone through a divorce, summer visitation is a chance for the non-custodial parent to spend a significant period of time with their child or children. While transitioning from one household to another can be stressful, there are steps that both parents can make to ease this process.

Adoption in Texas

In Texas, adoptions used to be a closed-off process that did not permit adoptive parents to meet birth parents, and vice versa. Now, depending on the stipulations involved with the particular adoption, the process can be either closed or open. A closed adoption means that the birth parents and adoptive parents do not meet or otherwise communicate. Information about the birth parents is withheld and the records are often sealed. Birth details may be accessed once the child turns 18 and opts to search for the birth parent of record. It is also possible to go through a legal process that reveals information about the adoption with the court's approval.

Avoiding adoption fraud

Texas families who are trying to navigate the complex adoption process may be at risk for adoption fraud. Also known as "wrongful adoption," adoption fraud occurs when a person or an agency intentionally misrepresents information regarding an available child in order to receive financial or personal gains. While many fraudsters are adoption agencies, birth mothers and facilitators, prospective adopters may also be the perpetrators.

What is required to adopt a child in Texas?

When wanting to adopt a child in Texas, an individual or couple must meet basic requirements and be able to fulfill certain responsibilities. The types of people who wish to adopt vary, but one must be at least 21 years of age, responsible, mature and financially stable. Potential adoptive parents must fill out an application, give multiple references, submit to a criminal history background check and agree to a home study. Parents must also attend free training that covers issues concerning neglected or abused children.

What is required to adopt a child in Texas?

Texas residents who are interested in adopting a child may wish to know what requirements and responsibilities must be met prior to becoming an adoptive parent. These requirements are there to help both the parents and the Department of Family and Protective Services assess whether they are good candidates for adoption.

Texas family describes the joy of adoption

Families choose to adopt for many reasons. They may be taking on the child of a deceased loved one, adopting a stepchild or simply expanding their family. Whatever the case, providing a new, loving home for a child is a wonderful thing. There are a number of legal steps to take before you can proceed with an adoption, but it is a worthy endeavor. One family in Texas confirms this in their joyful description of their experience of adoption