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Use divorce as a springboard to new achievements

Far too many Texas residents view the end of a marriage in an overwhelmingly negative manner. In reality, divorce does represent the closing of one door, but it also offers a multitude of new doors to explore. By changing the way that spouses perceive divorce, there are a number of benefits that can be gained. One is the ability to pursue entrepreneurship in the months and years following the end of a marriage.

For most people, time seems to move more rapidly once one is past his or her early adulthood years. That sense of a quickening pace can be excellent motivation to begin a new path right now, today. Moving past a broken marriage can provide a great sense of renewal and freedom, and a desire to choose a new path. Making that path one that can provide financial benefits is a great way to turn lemons into lemonade.

With time also comes wisdom and experience. Both of those things can be converted into a new career path. Someone who has lived through a marriage and divorce has likely amassed a degree of life experience that a new college grad simply does not possess. It would be wise to take those skills and put them to good use in crafting a new business opportunity or a change in career.

Divorce may mark the end of one stage of life, but it is also the beginning of another. By changing the way that one thinks about divorce, it is possible to reach goals that previously seemed unattainable. Life may have thrown a curveball, but the manner in which an individual responds is the most important thing. Texas spouses should look to the future, not the past, when working through the details of their divorce.

Source: entrepreneur.com, "7 Reasons Why Divorce Is the Perfect Excuse to Become an Entrepreneur", Stacey Freeman, Feb. 6, 2017

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