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One state could lose "no-fault" divorce option

When a Texas couple has tried and failed to save their marriage, they are able to end the union with relative ease. That's because Texas offers couples the ability to end a marriage using a "no-fault" divorce option. One state, however, is considering legislation that would put an end to no-fault divorce.

The state in question currently allows couples to end their marriage for any one of several reasons. Adultery, impotence, abandonment, cruelty and fraud are all grounds for divorce, as is "incompatibility," meaning simply that the couple can no longer bear to be together. One lawmaker is trying to remove incompatibility as a basis for divorce.

The reasoning behind such a move is simple: many people feel that when divorce is easy to attain, couples will not put in the time and effort needed to work things out. They believe that placing obstacles in the path of divorce will help to save marriages. Those who oppose such measures feel that when a marriage is no longer tenable, roadblocks only serve to make matters worse, giving couples even more time to argue with one another.  

While Texas currently has a no-fault divorce option, changes in family law are constantly in play. As more and more states consider limiting access to divorce, it may become more difficult for a couple to agree to end their marriage. For many spouses, that may lead to a far more contentious and bitter end to a union that might have been concluded amicably.

Source: kfor.com, "Oklahoma lawmaker proposes bill to do away with "incompatibility" criteria for certain couples seeking a divorce", Jan. 30, 2017

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