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February 2017 Archives

Contested adoption leads to child custody fight

Two families are currently at odds over which will have the right to raise a little girl. The case centers on a contested adoption, and the struggle over which family can best provide for the needs of a child who has only known one set of parents. Many people in Texas and across the nation are watching to see how the courts resolve this matter. What is certain is that the outcome will leave a family devastated.

Use divorce as a springboard to new achievements

Far too many Texas residents view the end of a marriage in an overwhelmingly negative manner. In reality, divorce does represent the closing of one door, but it also offers a multitude of new doors to explore. By changing the way that spouses perceive divorce, there are a number of benefits that can be gained. One is the ability to pursue entrepreneurship in the months and years following the end of a marriage.

One state could lose "no-fault" divorce option

When a Texas couple has tried and failed to save their marriage, they are able to end the union with relative ease. That's because Texas offers couples the ability to end a marriage using a "no-fault" divorce option. One state, however, is considering legislation that would put an end to no-fault divorce.

One state will consider pet "custody" during divorce

Many Texas residents are aware that family courts are unlikely to weigh in on the "custody" of pets. Now, however, one state has enacted legislation that will compel family court judges to change the way that pet custody issues are handled during divorce. That comes as a relief to pet owners who feel strongly that their animals deserve to live with the party who is best able to provide for their care.