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More drama in settled Johnny Depp divorce case

Few Texas readers will have escaped media coverage of the end of the marriage of Johnny Depp and his former wife, Amber Heard. The couple, married for less than two years, parted ways after an alleged domestic violence incident this year. They settled their divorce quickly, but have continued to struggle over the details of that settlement.

Shortly after the divorce was made public, Heard released a statement claiming that she intends to donate the money received from the divorce to various charities that support women and children. The total settlement amount was $7 million. That said, it is unclear what portion of that total will be in cash, and what might be held in items of property or legal fees paid by Depp.

Currently, Heard is seeking the assistance of the court in obtaining the settlement. Depp claims that his former wife has violated their confidentiality agreement, although there has been no statement made concerning whether that is the reason for the delay in completing the settlement. Now, Depp is asking that his legal fees be deducted from the next settlement payment, as he insists that he has spent nearly $1 million in litigation that is not necessary.

As this case continues, there are many things that are uncertain. What seems obvious, however, is that this former couple continues to struggle to reach an agreement. Despite the confidentiality agreement, Texas readers are likely to learn more about their marriage, divorce and ongoing financial struggles for many months to come. The case serves as an example of the fact that for many couples, finalized divorce papers do not always mean the end of legal troubles between former spouses.  

Source: inquisitr.com, "Amber Heard Slams Johnny Depp For Demanding Her To Pay Legal Fees In Divorce Settlement", Lawrence Arboleda, Dec. 23, 2016

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