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Meeting with a pediatrician during a Texas divorce

When Texas parents are divorcing, kids take on a certain degree of stress. Even in situations in which it is clear that divorce is the best course of action, children are still placed in a challenging position when faced with the reality that their lives are about to change. Many will assure their parents that they are doing fine with the divorce, and they will put up a good front for a considerable length of time. In reality, however, they may be struggling and might need the help of a counselor.

One way to be sure that kids are adjusting properly to the news of a divorce is to work with their pediatrician to get a full screening. Let the physician know that the family is going through a transition and that the child has been placed under a greater level of stress than normal. That information allows the pediatrician to broach the subject with the child in order to assess his or her emotional stability.

Aside from providing routine medical care, one of the greatest things that any pediatrician can offer a family is access to a broad range of other health professionals. Pediatricians develop and nurture many different professional connections through their years of practice, and they can tap into that resource when asked. They can direct a family toward a counselor, psychiatrist or other service provider if needed, which can be a great help during the course of a divorce.

Texas parents can begin by calling their family pediatrician to schedule a wellness check-up. In most cases, a child has come to trust and like his or her doctor and will be comfortable speaking with him or her even if parents are not present. That connection can make it easier to open up about fears, anxieties or concerns associated with the divorce. Often, kids are more comfortable talking things through with a trusted adult who is not their parent, and their pediatrician is a great option in that regard.

Source: advertisernewssouth.com, "Pediatricians can help children through separation and divorce", Jan. 4, 2017

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