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One state approves reduced waiting time for divorce

One of the most difficult things to endure for a divorcing couple in Texas or elsewhere is a mandatory waiting period before they can move on with their lives. Each state has its own set of laws when it comes to the timeframe for divorce, and some requirements are far more cumbersome than others. One state has recently shortened the length of time that a couple is required to wait before they are able to finalize a divorce, which is a likely relief to those who are preparing to file in the coming months.

Before the recent change, the state required that couples who filed for a no-fault divorce to wait for a period of two years before being able able to have the process finalized. That timeframe used to be three years until a shift in 1988. During that time, they are unable to permanently settle the division of marital wealth or other issues. That leaves many people stuck in a state akin to purgatory while they wait out the clock. The newest change brings the mandatory waiting period down to just one year.

Proponents of mandatory waiting periods believe that by requiring spouses to wait to divorce, there is an improved chance that they will be able to work out their differences and perhaps save their marriage. While that is certainly a worthy goal, there is no research that supports the idea that waiting periods reduce divorce rates. What does seem clear is that families are placed under an increased level of stress when they are unable to move forward with their lives.

Understanding the laws in place in a different state can be important to Texas residents who are considering a move. This is especially true when one's marriage is experiencing turmoil, and it seems as though divorce may be on the horizon. Mandatory waiting times are just one topic that could be of interest to a family preparing for a move.

Source: pennlive.com, "Shorter waiting period for no-fault divorces takes effect in Pennsylvania", Wallace McKelvey, Dec. 2, 2016

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