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December 2016 Archives

The importance of insuring child support payments

When two parents go through a divorce, issues related to their shared children can be among the most emotionally-charged matters at play. Child custody and visitation are often in contention, as is the manner in which the child or children will be cared for financially. Child support is an important topic for many Texas parents, but quite a few divorcing parents fail to give insurance proper consideration. 

How to limit visitation with an abusive parent

A custody fight is never a simple or easy matter, but some Texas parents face a legal battle that includes an additional layer of stress. When a parent is trying to protect his or her child from harm at the hands of the other parent, things can quickly become complicated. Limiting visitation with an abusive parent can be an uphill legal battle, and one in which there are few guarantees of success.

One state approves reduced waiting time for divorce

One of the most difficult things to endure for a divorcing couple in Texas or elsewhere is a mandatory waiting period before they can move on with their lives. Each state has its own set of laws when it comes to the timeframe for divorce, and some requirements are far more cumbersome than others. One state has recently shortened the length of time that a couple is required to wait before they are able to finalize a divorce, which is a likely relief to those who are preparing to file in the coming months.

Making a child custody order work after divorce

The youngest members of the family often have the hardest time when their parents divorce. Parents want to protect the best interests of their kids during this time of transition, and one of the most beneficial ways to do this is with a strong, practical child custody order. For many Texas families, this can be accomplished with a co-parenting plan.