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November 2016 Archives

Statistics point to lower overall divorce rate

It is often cited that half of all marriages in Texas and across the country do not last, but recent statistics seem to indicate that this may not truly be the case. The divorce rate has been slowing, and for the third year in a row, the number of filings has decreased. There are many complex reasons for a lower divorce rate, although the number divorce filings involving older couples, also known as gray divorce, has actually increased.

How to not let divorce ruin the holidays

A new holiday season is just ahead for 2016, and many Texas families are now preparing for festive celebrations with loved ones. If divorce is a current family issue, holiday parties may be quite challenging this year. Others who have been successful in avoiding divorce-related stress during the holidays say there are several practical ways to prevent family squabbles.

Taxes and divorce: Understanding the long-term impact

The end of a Texas marriage will bring many significant financial changes, and the impact may be felt for years to come. The decisions made during the complicated process of a divorce can reverberate through many aspects of life, making it important to set temporary emotions aside and move toward a strong future. It is also important to consider the tax consequences of support orders and property division. 

Child support and an adoptive parent

Many times, when a Texas couple decides to marry, one or both of the individuals already has children from a previous relationship. While most of the time, the other parent is still involved in the child's life, there are times when that parent is absent. In this case, it is possible that the newly formed family will decide that the new spouse should adopt the child or children. This action goes a long way towards establishing the family foundation; however, in the event of a divorce, sometimes child support can become an issue.

The prenutial agreement: Assets, inheritance and divorce

The question of whether a prenuptial agreement is necessary is often not one that a couple wants to discuss prior to their marriage. However, many Texas couples in today's society enter the marriage after being single and obtaining assets for a number of years. Additionally, it is possible that one or both of the individuals may expect to receive an inheritance at some point in the future. With only keeping in mind these two considerations, a prenuptial agreement would be a wise investment just in case there is a divorce in the future.