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Texas: Former football star fails to make child support payments

Children can be expensive. In addition to food and clothing, there are school supplies, doctor bills and little league uniforms. Many times, it is difficult for a two-income family to pay for everything that a child wants and needs. It becomes even more difficult when a single parent is attempting to provide for a child. Child support can become an issue when Texas parents decide to divorce or separate.

Most parents have good intentions when it comes to their children. They have every intention of providing their share of support for their needs. They want to make sure that their children know that, in spite of the change in the parents' relationship, the children and their care are a priority. However, some parents begin to view child support as simply another bill that can be paid whenever it becomes convenient to do so.

Recently, a warrant for arrest was issued in the case of former football star Andre Rison who has apparently failed to make child support payments. The court had ordered that he pay $1000 per month in an attempt to make a dent in the $300,000 he owes in back child support. In spite of the court order, Rison was not making the required payments.

Financial circumstances may change and cause it to be more difficult for a parent to make the required support payments. Regardless, it is the parent's responsibility to take care of his or her children. Financial resources may go up or down; however, a child's need for food and clothing is constant. When a Texas parent finds that he or she is having difficulty receiving the agreed-upon child support payment from the other parent, it may be time to analyze the available legal options.

Source: Detroit Free Press, "Warrant issued for Andre Rison in child support case", Aug. 11, 2016

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