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Child custody an issue for some Texas parents

Every other weekend and two weeks every summer has been considered the standard child visitation for a number of years. As times are changing and more and more Texas parents realize the importance of both parents spending time with their children, this standard is evolving. Many parents now agree that it is important for the child to spend time with both parents, and many families are moving towards joint custody arrangements. However, for some parents, this former standard is even considered to be too much, and they attempt to circumvent child custody agreements.

Recently, one Texas mother and her parents decided to not allow the father to see his child. The day after a hearing regarding contempt for this issue, the father arrived at the police station to pick up his child for visitation; he had been prevented from seeing the child for over three months. However, the mother and child never arrived, and a search, including an Amber Alert, began.

The mother and child were located in another city. A warrant has been issued for the mother. Furthermore, her parents have also been arrested for interfering with a child custody order. Added to the child custody charge, the grandmother also faces charges that she threatened to kill herself and the child in an attempt to prevent visitation.

Child custody and visitation rights can be a difficult situation among some Texas parents. Regardless of one parent's dislike for the other parent, the best interest of the child is the important issue. When adherence to a child custody agreement becomes an issue, experienced guidance regarding the appropriate legal steps can be invaluable.

Source: ksla.com, "Mother sought, grandparents arrested in child custody case", Aug. 5, 2016

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