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August 2016 Archives

Income, credit and the Texas divorce

When a Texas couple decides to get married or divorced, the decision is typically an emotional one. The couple is either in love or cannot bear the thought of being in the same home as the other. While both of these circumstances can often lead to rash, emotional decisions, they also lead to financial ones. The financial decisions made throughout the divorce process can have a significant impact on each individual.

Texas couples, retirement accounts and divorce

Statistics indicate that a large percentage of Texas residents will divorce each year. With the decision to divorce comes a number of other decisions that need to be made including who gets the house, who will have custody of the kids and the amount of spousal support to be paid. For many, decisions regarding pension plans and retirement accounts are also important considerations.

Texas: Former football star fails to make child support payments

Children can be expensive. In addition to food and clothing, there are school supplies, doctor bills and little league uniforms. Many times, it is difficult for a two-income family to pay for everything that a child wants and needs. It becomes even more difficult when a single parent is attempting to provide for a child. Child support can become an issue when Texas parents decide to divorce or separate.

Child custody an issue for some Texas parents

Every other weekend and two weeks every summer has been considered the standard child visitation for a number of years. As times are changing and more and more Texas parents realize the importance of both parents spending time with their children, this standard is evolving. Many parents now agree that it is important for the child to spend time with both parents, and many families are moving towards joint custody arrangements. However, for some parents, this former standard is even considered to be too much, and they attempt to circumvent child custody agreements.

Why Texas couples choose to divorce

Gambling, money, other women (or men), parenting style, momma's boy (or girl) – these are all reasons why some Texas couples decide that remaining in a marriage is not in their best interests. While these issues may have been present before the marriage, over the course of time they often become a problem that simply cannot be solved. When this happens, divorce is often the solution to the problem.