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Texas children and divorce

Years ago, a couple would remain married regardless of their circumstances. Many Texas couples believed that remaining unhappily married was best because of the way society viewed divorce and because of the children. However, over the past few decades, society's views on marriage have changed.  Additionally, more and more couples have realized that remaining in an unhappy marriage may do more harm than good when it comes to the children.

Over the years, children have become more vocal about their needs and desires regarding their family. Perhaps one of the items of greatest concern to children is what they perceive to be constant arguing among their parents. While many couples argue prior to and during the divorce process, some couples continue to argue even after everything has been finalized. Research has shown that their children are seeking a calm, peaceful environment.

Another item of great concern to children is their feeling of being caught in the middle. These children feel as if they are the mediator in their parents' domestic differences. Instead of this type of situation, these children want to know where they fit in and be accepted and loved by both parents.  Furthermore, they want to be free to love each parent without feeling as if they are hurting the other one.

Many times, a divorce between a Texas husband and wife can be a challenging situation for the entire family. However, with experienced legal guidance, it is possible for both individuals to come to terms and settle their differences. Instead of remaining unhappily married, the family dynamics change and the children can still know that they are loved by both mom and dad who just happen to no longer be husband and wife.

Source: popsugar.com, "What Children of Divorce Want From Parents", Laura Lifshitz, July 15, 2016

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