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Options are available in a Texas divorce

After a long, hard battle, the gavel bangs on the podium and the Texas judge declares the couple's divorce is final. When one thinks of divorce proceedings, the intense drama seen on television often enters the mind. While this may be the case in some instances, there are several options and most couples are able to complete the divorce proceedings without feeling that they are part of a television drama.

When a couple cannot come to an agreement on the details, a litigated divorce may be their best choice. In this situation, each individual's legal counsel presents all aspects of the couple's situation to the court. Items involved may include property owned, finances, children, extenuating circumstances, etc. Each attorney represents his or her client and works to obtain the best or desired settlement for the client.

At times, the couple is unable to come to an agreement; however, they would like to try to work things out without depending on the court to decide things for them. In this case, mediation may be the answer. In a mediated divorce, husband and wife are still both represented by their own attorney. Then, a third attorney acts as the mediator between the two parties. This individual works with both parties to attempt to reach an agreement or compromise.

Finally, some couples are able to work out the details themselves. Then, they can have their respective legal counsel review their proposed agreement and present it to the court to be finalized. The uncontested divorce is often the least costly and most amiable; however, it does require that the couple is able to work together to come to agreement.

Most couples who seek a divorce in Texas will not experience the intense drama portrayed on television. However, this is not to say that a divorce is not an emotional experience. The guidance of experienced legal counsel can assist each individual in determining which type of divorce fits his or her situation, what each individual can reasonable expect to receive in the divorce and what can be expected when everything has been settled.

Source: al.com, "Considering divorce? Consider your options", Stewart Welch, July 5, 2016

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