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July 2016 Archives

Texas children and divorce

Years ago, a couple would remain married regardless of their circumstances. Many Texas couples believed that remaining unhappily married was best because of the way society viewed divorce and because of the children. However, over the past few decades, society's views on marriage have changed.  Additionally, more and more couples have realized that remaining in an unhappy marriage may do more harm than good when it comes to the children.

Texas couples use prenup to plan for the what ifs of a divorce

Planning for a Texas wedding requires many decisions. One needs to decide where the ceremony will take place, who will serve as attendants, what cake flavors should be chosen and even where the couple should register for gifts. Throughout this exciting time, planning for the what ifs that could later occur is not nearly as exciting. However, this is the best time to discuss how assets should be divided in case of a divorce.

Options are available in a Texas divorce

After a long, hard battle, the gavel bangs on the podium and the Texas judge declares the couple's divorce is final. When one thinks of divorce proceedings, the intense drama seen on television often enters the mind. While this may be the case in some instances, there are several options and most couples are able to complete the divorce proceedings without feeling that they are part of a television drama.

Texas couples: Divorce and the prenuptial agreement

As the wedding day approaches, dreams of happily ever after fill the air. Unfortunately, with approximately 50 percent of marriages ending in divorce, the prudent Texas couple will review and discuss their situation. This will then allow them to take steps to protect themselves in case happily ever after is not their reality.