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Dads should support daughters during visitation time

Once a divorce has been made final, many Texas fathers are unsure how to structure their parenting time with their kids. Accustomed to spending time together with the children's mother, figuring out how to create the new normal of single parenting can be a challenge. Kids need to build and maintain a strong bond with both parents, and researchers believe that daughters have a particular need to have a healthy connection with their dads. It is important to create a new routines that reinforce the father/daughter bond during visitation time.

One way that dads can support their daughters as they grow into young women is by being there to actively listen to her thoughts and concerns. Girls need a safe place to express themselves and to seek advice. While it may not always seem that a child is listening to the wisdom offered by her parents, kids are getting far more from these interactions than either side realizes. After a family is divided by a divorce, both parents may have less time to spend listening or talking with their kids, and this is why making the most of visitation time is so important.

It is also helpful for fathers to help their daughters avoid overexposure to cultural influences that promote defining worth by one's physical appearance. Girls are overwhelmed with messages that say that their appearance is more important than other things like personality or ability. Dads can make great strides in offsetting those influences by helping their daughters recognize things that they are good at, and encouraging the expansion of natural gifts and talents.

Overall, the most important thing that Texas dads can do for their daughters is to be present and actively engaged in their lives. The timeframe following a divorce can be challenging for everyone, and there may be a great many demands placed on newly divorced fathers. Creating healthy and positive visitation routines and practices can make this time easier and more fulfilling for all involved.

Source: goodmenproject.com, "8 Ways Dads Can Empower Their Daughters Post-Divorce", Terry Gaspard, June 6, 2016

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