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Child support important to Texas children

Regardless of whether it is a marriage ending in divorce or an unmarried couple deciding to separate, when children are involved, one of the most important considerations for these Texas couples is the children's welfare. In addition to the continued love of each parent, money is necessary to provide for these children. Without the proper child support, children are often forced to go without items that they need.

In addition to food and medicine, there are often braces and other items that need to be paid for. Furthermore, many children participate in sports and clubs that require uniforms, equipment and dues. Then, there is also the need for school clothes and supplies. All of this requires money.

The state of Texas has recognized that its children deserve to be properly taken care of financially as well as physically. As a result, the state has recently enacted a new law that is scheduled to be effective in December. With this new law, a parent who does not pay the required child support is at risk of his or her vehicle registration not being renewable. This new law will apply to parents who are in arrears of six months or more in child support.

A parent's divorce or end to an established relationship affects the children in numerous ways. Their sense of stability and family is often shaken. One way that the state of Texas is attempting to lessen the effect of their parent's inability to remain together is by addressing the ongoing problem of some parents not paying their required child support. Many individuals find that experienced legal assistance often makes this problem much less burdensome.

Source: KCBD.com, "New Rules for Parents Behind on Child Support", Sasha Wilson, June 21, 2016

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