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June 2016 Archives

Child support important to Texas children

Regardless of whether it is a marriage ending in divorce or an unmarried couple deciding to separate, when children are involved, one of the most important considerations for these Texas couples is the children's welfare. In addition to the continued love of each parent, money is necessary to provide for these children. Without the proper child support, children are often forced to go without items that they need.

Dividing brokerage accounts during a Texas divorce

The process of dividing marital wealth is among the most complex and stressful aspects that divorcing couples will face. Both sides want to ensure that the division of wealth is fair, but there are also tax ramifications to consider. Understanding how taxes will be incurred by various property division options is important, as the outcome could shape each spouse's financial security for many years to come. The following are some of the most common divorce mistakes that people in Texas make when approaching the division of brokerage accounts.

Dads should support daughters during visitation time

Once a divorce has been made final, many Texas fathers are unsure how to structure their parenting time with their kids. Accustomed to spending time together with the children's mother, figuring out how to create the new normal of single parenting can be a challenge. Kids need to build and maintain a strong bond with both parents, and researchers believe that daughters have a particular need to have a healthy connection with their dads. It is important to create a new routines that reinforce the father/daughter bond during visitation time.

Could the divorce mortgage be coming to America?

One of the most common desires shared by divorcing Texas spouses is the wish to keep the family home. Often, one party desperately wants to retain the house during a divorce but is unable to do so because of financial pressures. A British lending product may offer a solution if and when it finally reaches American shores.

Johnny Depp to divorce after just 15 months of marriage

Many Texas readers are aware that actor Johnny Depp has been notoriously shy of marriage, and fathered several children with a long-time partner prior to finally tying the knot with model and actress Amber Heard, who is 22 years his junior. That marriage, which took place just 15 months ago, is now headed for divorce. Complicating matters is the fact that Heard is making claims that she has been subjected to multiple acts of verbal and physical abuse by Depp over the course of the short marriage.