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An unusual option for funding a Texas divorce

Once a Texas couple has decided to end their marriage, the thoughts of both spouses often turn to how to pay for the process of moving from married to single. While no two divorce cases are ever exactly alike, all will include legal expenses, from filing fees to appraisals, mediation sessions to legal fees. Covering those costs is easier for some families than others, but technology has created a new means of paying for part or all of one's divorce.

Readers may be familiar with the term "crowdfunding," which means collecting donations from friends, family or even strangers to fund a particular project. Crowdfunding has been used to help people start a business, pay for college, or even foot the bill for a wedding or honeymoon. Now, some crowdfunding websites are expanding to include divorce as one of the available categories.

Crowdfunding allows spouses the ability to draw on the support of their friends and family to help move through divorce. Often, the people closest to a divorcing couple want to help, but don't know how they can best contribute. Crowdfunding provides a means through which to contribute, whether that gift is just a few dollars or a more significant contribution.

The best way to set up a divorce crowdfunding webpage is to provide an overview of how any donations will be spent. For example, Texas spouses can make use of the funds to pay for legal fees or to cover the cost of moving from their married residence into new housing. Other families might feel more comfortable limiting the crowdfunding request to things that directly benefit their kids, such as counseling sessions or setting up their rooms in their new homes. Crowdfunding offers an array of options and is a tool that some Texas families may want to consider the next time a friend or family member asks how they can help during this turbulent time.

Source: wral.com, "Crowdfund a divorce? Sites let you contribute to a couple's breakup", Lois M. Collins, May 9, 2016

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