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May 2016 Archives

Could common law marriage affect spousal support?

One of the most divisive issues that divorcing couples face is whether and how alimony payments will be structured. No matter what side of the issue a Texas spouse is on, there are often deeply held beliefs concerning whether spousal support is fair. When continuing financial support is part of the divorce agreement, it is important to recognize the situations that could trigger an end to those payments.

Kaley Cuoco's prenup saves her from spousal support payments

Many Texas readers are familiar with the work of actress Kaley Cuoco. She plays Penny, the ditzy blonde on the hit television show "Big Bang Theory." While Cuoco may be believable in that role, in reality, the actress is anything but dumb. In her recent divorce from her husband of less than two years, Cuoco was saved from paying spousal support by a well-crafted prenuptial agreement.

An unusual option for funding a Texas divorce

Once a Texas couple has decided to end their marriage, the thoughts of both spouses often turn to how to pay for the process of moving from married to single. While no two divorce cases are ever exactly alike, all will include legal expenses, from filing fees to appraisals, mediation sessions to legal fees. Covering those costs is easier for some families than others, but technology has created a new means of paying for part or all of one's divorce.

Should pets be addressed as part of property division?

For many in Texas, the love for pets feels like the love for children and other relatives. Many people will spare no expense on ensuring that their animals have the highest standard of care and are comfortable and well-fed. Often, people will make accommodations for their "fur babies" that far exceed those made for human family members. When it comes to divorce, virtually no pet owner wants their beloved pets to become part of the property division process.