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How to handle visitation scheduling during graduation season

As summer fast approaches, so does a time of year that is important to many Texas families: graduation season. Preparing to celebrate a child's high school graduation is an exciting time, but it can also throw a wrench into a family's schedule. This is especially true for families that share custody, when parenting time and the existing visitation schedule has to be taken into consideration.

The best advice that parents can receive during this phase of their child's life is to be as flexible and understanding as possible. This is not the time to put one's foot down and insist that the existing schedule be adhered to at all costs. Graduation should be a time when the focus of both families is directed toward the student, and when contention should be kept at a minimal level.

This also applies to the celebrations that will surround the actual graduation event. In some cases, families can come together even after a divorce to hold one large gathering. For others, scheduling separate events for each side of the family is a better fit. It is important for parents to communicate with each other about these scheduling issues, so that all family members can spend time with the graduate.

Flexibility is key during this process, and both parents should be ready and willing to accommodate family members coming from out of town, as well as the graduate's desire to spend time with his or her peers, despite the existing visitation schedule. After all, high school graduation is not only a significant transition from childhood into adulthood, it also marks the end (or nearly the end) of most child custody agreements. Texas families should aim to close out this period of their lives with positivity.

Source: San Diego Ca. Patch, "Your Divorce Is Not Part Of Your Teen's Graduation", Susan C.Schena, March 31,2016

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