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April 2016 Archives

A prenuptial agreement can ease property division woes

Many Texas residents do not have a full grasp on the range of benefits that a prenuptial agreement provides. Some feel that these marital contracts are only for the ultra-wealthy, while others believe that their specific set of assets would not be protected under the terms of a prenup. The following information is provided as a brief overview of some of the most common elements that are included in prenuptial agreements, and should illustrate some of the ways that a prenup could assist in the property division process.

Facebook can factor into domestic violence and divorce

Many Texas readers are aware that social media is becoming more and more prevalent in our society and that these websites and apps are also making their way into family law courtrooms across the nation. Facebook and other social media platforms have affected child custody arrangements and helped ensure the fair distribution of property between spouses who are going through divorce. One case highlights yet another way that Facebook can be brought into family court.

How to handle visitation scheduling during graduation season

As summer fast approaches, so does a time of year that is important to many Texas families: graduation season. Preparing to celebrate a child's high school graduation is an exciting time, but it can also throw a wrench into a family's schedule. This is especially true for families that share custody, when parenting time and the existing visitation schedule has to be taken into consideration.

How to protect an inheritance during property division

When most Texas couples are preparing to wed, the last thing on their minds is planning for the potential end of their marriage. However, failing to put adequate protection in place can be a disaster if one's union is among those that ultimately fail. This is especially true for individuals who are planning on receiving a sizeable inheritance in the future and do not want to lose that gift during property division.

Child custody case will center on the definition of parenthood

When most Texas parents enter into a child custody dispute, the question is how to divide parenting time and the responsibilities of caring for a shared child. When one of the parents does not have a biological or legal tie to the child in question, the matter becomes more complicated. When neither parent has such ties, the case can become groundbreaking. One state will soon examine the issue in depth as a same-sex couple enters into an unusual child custody battle.