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Technology promises to assist with divorce matters

Few people, in Texas or elsewhere, would deny that technology has brought incredible advancements across the scope of human endeavor. There are few aspects of modern life that are not touched by technology, especially in the field of online communication and indexing. We are quickly growing used to having tools and apps that will handle a vast range of needs and desires. Several companies have developed products that offer to simplify the divorce process and give spouses more control over the cost and outcome of their divorces.

One company offers to provide all of the paperwork required to file for divorce for one fee, and allows spouses to fill out, serve and even file their papers online. Another offers a package that includes videoconferencing with divorce mediators, with the ability to add hours if more time is needed to reach an agreement. Yet another is selling a "complete" divorce package for less than $1,000, which includes a 30 minute phone call with a legal expert.

What all of these companies fail to address is the fact that the vast majority of divorce cases are far too complicated to be conducted with a package of forms and the use of a smartphone. If a couple has no assets, no children and both spouses simply want to shake hands and walk away, a do-it-yourself divorce might be an option. For most couples, however, matters become far more complicated, even when both parties want to work things out in an amicable fashion.

Addressing child custody, the division of marital wealth or even who will keep the family dog can all result in a degree of legal wrangling. In order for a Texas spouse to ensure that his or her interests are properly looked after, it is necessary to gain a full understanding of divorce law, legal practices and the outcomes of various property division choices. The desire to save money and handle one's own divorce is understandable, but many people who spend $500-$3,000 on a technology-driven divorce service will end up in an attorney's office, having gained nothing from their initial investment.  

Source: CNBC, "Up next: Swipe right for a divorce", Jessica Dickler, March 6, 2016

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