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Phone app could reduce child support tension for parents

Once a divorce or breakup has taken place, many people look forward to never having to interact with their former partner again. For parents in Texas, this is simply not a possibility. Co-parenting requires a degree of continued communication, and when the topic is child support and related expenses, that communication can quickly escalate into full-fledged fighting. One company has developed an app to help defuse child support communications, and it is available for parents to try.

The app is called SupportPay, and provides both parents with a platform for communication on child support matters. Users are able to send messages, upload receipts and even create and track invoices. This can take a great deal of contention out of the process of paying for a child's needs, giving both parties a chance to document financial transactions.

In many cases, conflict surrounding child support centers on the non-custodial parent's belief that his or her support payments are not being properly put to use. Having a tool like SupportPay gives the custodial parent the chance to submit documentation for all child-related expenses in a given month. This alone can make it easier for the other parent to see that the child or children are being cared for, and that support is going to the right place. That can help reduce tension between the parents, which is always a good thing for the kids caught in the center of child support struggles.

SupportPay can also be used to create a body of documentation for parents who feel that their child support case will eventually go back before a court of law. Having a system of documenting communications, payments and other child support matters can make a great deal of difference in the outcome of a child support modification or enforcement action. While each Texas family has a unique set of circumstances, SupportPay and similar tools can be of use in many different scenarios.  

Source: bloomberg.com, "The App That Helps Divorced Parents Fight About Money", Ben Steverman, Feb. 17, 2016

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