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February 2016 Archives

Phone app could reduce child support tension for parents

Once a divorce or breakup has taken place, many people look forward to never having to interact with their former partner again. For parents in Texas, this is simply not a possibility. Co-parenting requires a degree of continued communication, and when the topic is child support and related expenses, that communication can quickly escalate into full-fledged fighting. One company has developed an app to help defuse child support communications, and it is available for parents to try.

Do domestic violence abusers still have child custody rights?

Many Texas victims of domestic abuse are also parents, and share a child or children with their abuser. In such cases, working up the courage to leave the relationship can be difficult. Parents want to be there to protect their kids from harm, and many victims of domestic violence fear that they will be unable to do so once if their partner is able to gain unsupervised visitation with the kids. Unfortunately, many abusers are given child custody rights, which leaves victimized parents left to play a defensive role.

Medical marijuana user fighting to regain child custody rights

An unusual custody case is underway between a couple and the Child Protective Services department within their state of residence. The parents have five children, all of whom have been removed from their care based on concerns over child endangerment. The root of those concerns is the fact that the father is a user of medical marijuana, and that both parents were planning to move to a neighboring state to start a legal grow operation to help others who use the drug to treat a variety of ailments. The case had led to a great deal of debate in Texas and elsewhere, with many people unsure of how child custody should be handled when medical marijuana is a factor.

This wife never knew of her own divorce

Most of the cases that come before a family court judge follow a predictable path. From time to time, however, there are cases in Texas and elsewhere that deviate from the norm. They provide the chance to educate, inform and sometimes even entertain the public. An example may be found in a current dispute between a husband and wife over the legality of a secret divorce initiated by the husband many years ago.