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January 2016 Archives

Building the best possible divorce support team

Texas residents who are considering divorce should take some time to think about their existing and potential support network. Divorce can be a tumultuous time, and there will be a great many demands placed on an individual as the process moves forward. Having the right people to provide emotional, practical and advisory support is critical to making this a manageable period of one's life. Choosing the wrong team members can have an equally powerful negative impact.

How to balance 50/50 child custody with school demands

Quite a few Texas couples will consider equally dividing parenting time as part of their divorce. While kids are still small, this arrangement can be easier to manage. Once children reach school age, however, their schedules and responsibilities become far more complex. Parents who want to equally share child custody must be ready and willing to work together to make sure that their children are able to maintain positive performance at school.

State Supreme Court rules on overturning divorce

The decision to end a marriage is never an easy one to make. That said, most people in Texas who choose to go through the legal process of divorce are happy with the outcome and eager to move on with their lives. In rare cases, these spouses will reunite and decide to once again make vows to one another. While remarriage between divorced spouses is rare, approaching a court to ask that the marriage be "undone" is even less common.

Divorce may not be so unhealthy, after all

It is commonly held that married people in Texas and elsewhere have better health than their single or divorced counterparts. In fact, a significant volume of social science research supports that notion. When it comes to science, however, it is important to remember that research is constantly providing new information, and that what is accepted as fact at one point in time may not always be held true by new scientific inquiry. An example is found in research that suggests that divorce might not be as detrimental to one's health as previously thought.