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December 2015 Archives

Judge removes herself from controversial child custody case

Many Texas readers will recall coverage of an unusual custody battle in which a judge ordered three children to be sent to a juvenile detention facility for refusing to visit with their father. That case is back in the headlines after the judge took action to remove herself from further involvement in the case. Many are heralding that move as a victory for those who felt that the judge took an overly harsh approach to the child custody case.

Communication essential when negotiating holiday visitation

Texas parents who are heading toward divorce, or who are divorced already, sometimes struggle to agree with whom the kids will get to spend which holidays. Many suggest that negotiations regarding the holidays are best done at the time when child custody and visitation are discussed. To avoid arguments that may spoil the holidays for both parents and children, agreements in writing are always better than verbal agreements.

Mandy Moore asking ex for spousal support for pets

From time to time, a celebrity divorce case will yield details that are so unusual as to make the news. While many Texas spouses struggle over the level of spousal support or the length of time that payments will be issued, some people take a slightly different approach. Actress Mandy Moore provides an example in her attempt to have her former husband pay support for the couple's eight pets.

Is it a good idea to delay filing for divorce?

Once a Texas spouse has made the decision to file for divorce, the next step lies in determining when to do so. This can be difficult, especially during this time of year when the family's attention is turned toward holiday celebrations. No one wants to ruin the holidays with a stressful and unpredictable discussion about divorce, and there is very little risk of loss in waiting for a few weeks before filing. That said, waiting for too long can have a negative effect and should be avoided.

How to work out a visitation schedule that works for everyone

When families go through divorce, many parents are unaware that they have a great deal of flexibility when choosing how to structure their child custody agreement. It was once the case that most custody arrangements consisted of the mother having the bulk of time, with the father only receiving every-other-weekend visitation. Today, however, Texas families are able to construct a custody outcome that works for all involved.