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Even a happy marriage is not immune to divorce

When the topic of divorce comes up in conversation, many Texas residents feel secure that the issue is of no concern to them because their marriage is a happy one. This presumption, however, ignores the fact that a happy marriage is made up of two individuals, but a divorce requires only one unhappy party. No matter how blissful one spouse may be within their marriage, no union is immune from divorce.

For spouses who are blindsided by the news that their partner wants out, the following weeks can be difficult to bear. Not only does that person have to come to terms with the fact that their entire life is about to change, but they also have to attend to their legal needs. This is a time in which essential financial decisions must be made, and that need unfortunately falls right in the middle of emotional turmoil.

Spouses who are faced with an unexpected divorce must take fast action to protect their financial interests. This begins with a meeting with a divorce attorney, who can begin the process of collecting the information needed to create an appropriate division of assets. Hiring a financial advisor may also be a wise decision, as he or she will be able to take an objective view of the matter and guide the client toward the best possible choices.

Recent studies suggest that as many as 60 percent of divorce filings include at least one spouse who rated the marriage as "low conflict." This means that many spouses, in Texas and elsewhere, are at risk of being blindsided by an announcement that their partner is ready to throw in the towel. While no one should live with the constant fear of their marriage ending, these numbers should give spouses the understanding that even a happy marriage can end, and that being able to launch a fast response is essential.

Source: newsok.com, "Why do happy marriages end in divorce?", Wendy Jessen, Nov. 14, 2015

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