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Anger can derail a Texas divorce

The end of a marriage is an emotional time for all involved, and it is perfectly normal for divorcing spouses to experience a wide range of feelings surrounding the change to their family structure. For some in Texas, anger will be the primary emotion, and it can quickly overtake reason. Once that happens, the angry party's decision-making ability will be distinctly impaired, and a number of negative divorce outcomes can result.

The best way to limit the impact that anger can have on divorce is to take steps to address the matter before it becomes a problem. Everyone will process stress differently, and, for some, the remedy is relatively simple. Some spouses can turn to friends and family to vent, while others will take out their aggression through exercise, writing or simply yelling in an empty house from time to time. For many, however, the best way to handle excessive anger is to work with a therapist. A counselor can provide guidance on how to identify, express and minimize anger.

When anger colors one's decisions, it is easy to lose sight of reason. Some Texas couples become so embroiled in their own personal drama that they drag out the divorce far longer than necessary. This makes the entire process more stressful and expensive than it has to be. In addition, allowing anger to fuel important financial decisions can take one's eyes away from the proper focus, which is on reaching a settlement that allows each party to move forward with the greatest possible level of financial stability.

Spouses should make every effort to minimize the impact that anger can have on their divorce. The means of attaining this goal will differ, but the underlying goal should be the same. Spouses must put all of their effort and resources toward reaching a divorce outcome that will empower them to move on to new horizons. Excessive anger plays no helpful role in that process.

Source: The Huffington Post, "Tips for Coping With Divorce-Related Anger", Jane Zatylny, Oct. 29, 2015

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