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November 2015 Archives

Even a happy marriage is not immune to divorce

When the topic of divorce comes up in conversation, many Texas residents feel secure that the issue is of no concern to them because their marriage is a happy one. This presumption, however, ignores the fact that a happy marriage is made up of two individuals, but a divorce requires only one unhappy party. No matter how blissful one spouse may be within their marriage, no union is immune from divorce.

Husband moves art collection in high asset divorce

In many cases, happily married spouses in Texas and elsewhere are completely unaware that their partner does not share the same level of contentment within the marriage. An example is found in the recently filed divorce between very wealthy spouses. According to reports, the wife thought that she was happily married, even as her husband sought to have divorce papers written up and served.

Anger can derail a Texas divorce

The end of a marriage is an emotional time for all involved, and it is perfectly normal for divorcing spouses to experience a wide range of feelings surrounding the change to their family structure. For some in Texas, anger will be the primary emotion, and it can quickly overtake reason. Once that happens, the angry party's decision-making ability will be distinctly impaired, and a number of negative divorce outcomes can result.

"The Big Bang Theory" star's ex seeks spousal support

Many Texas readers are fans of the hit television show "The Big Bang Theory." One of the actresses on that show, Kaley Cuoco, was recently named one of television's highest paid performers. Cuoco is once again in the headlines, this time due to a court case in which her estranged husband is asking for spousal support from the star.