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Women file for divorce more often than men

According to a recently published study, women in Texas and elsewhere are more likely to call for the end of a marriage than men. This comes from an examination of more than 2,000 survey participants, all of whom were married or involved in a relationship with an opposite-sex partner. The survey period spanned from 2009 to 2015. Among those couples who divorced by the end of the study period, women filed for divorce 69 percent of the time.

Those behind this study did not delve into the reasoning that would support these findings, but changes in the American cultural landscape may play a significant role in the fact that women are able and willing to move toward divorce when they feel that their marriage is no longer working. For one, the social stigma surrounding divorce seems to have all but disappeared. Also, women have made great strides within the workforce, which give them the financial means to take care of their own needs.

In decades past, women who were living within an unhappy union had few options for relief. Divorce was viewed as an almost certain decline in one's standard of living, and many women felt as though they could not support themselves and their children on their own. Today's women are far more empowered to direct the course of their own lives, which may be why so many are comfortable throwing in the towel when a marriage becomes untenable.

For those in Texas who are considering divorce, it can be helpful to gain a firm understanding of the process before moving forward. By meeting with a divorce attorney, a spouse can get a feel for how the property division process might go and what to expect in terms of child or spousal support. Having this information in hand can make it easier to make an informed decision about how to proceed, which is always the best way to make any significant change.

Source: livescience.com, "Women Are More Likely to Initiate Divorce, But Not Dating Breakups", Laura Geggel, Aug. 22, 2015

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