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September 2015 Archives

Can "normal" couples have their divorce records sealed?

Many Texas residents are aware of the high profile divorce between southern Governor Robert Bentley and his wife of 50 years. The case has become a news item not for scandalous details contained within the filing, but for the fact that the records have been sealed under a judge's order. While several news outlets are fighting that decision, many spouses across the nation are wondering if they could receive similar treatment within their own divorce case.

Nearly 50 parents arrested in child support sting

For many in Texas, financial difficulties make it hard to meet one's monthly obligations. This can occur due to the loss of a job, an illness or injury or an unexpected increase in one's cost of living. For many non-custodial parents, child support is among the monthly bills that can fall into arrears. It is important to make arrangements to address outstanding child support payments because a failure to do so can result in serious punitive measures, up to and including arrest and a possible jail term.

Terrence Howard's divorce settlement overturned

Many Texas residents are fans of the Fox television series "Empire," which is set to begin a second season this fall. One of the actors on that show, Terrence Howard, has been making recent headlines not for his work on the hit show, but over an unusual ruling in his divorce case. While Howard and his former wife divorced in 2012, their divorce settlement was recently overturned when a judge found that the settlement was reached under duress.

Women file for divorce more often than men

According to a recently published study, women in Texas and elsewhere are more likely to call for the end of a marriage than men. This comes from an examination of more than 2,000 survey participants, all of whom were married or involved in a relationship with an opposite-sex partner. The survey period spanned from 2009 to 2015. Among those couples who divorced by the end of the study period, women filed for divorce 69 percent of the time.