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Weighing spousal support against a job offer

During a Texas divorce, spouses are often under a great deal of pressure to make savvy financial decisions. Unfortunately, most people are unfamiliar with divorce and the financial matters that accompany this process. This leaves many feeling overwhelmed and fearful that they might make a choice that could jeopardize their ability to receive child support or spousal support.

An example lies in a spouse who receives a great job offer during his or her divorce. Fears of losing a portion of spousal support can lead one to decline such an offer. This, however, is almost always a mistake, and spouses must take care not to make a choice that will have a lasting negative impact on their financial health.

Going back to work, or taking a new position that offers a better pay and benefit package is not likely to have a significant impact on one's divorce outcome. While a sizeable increase in income could lead to a reduction in spousal support, that loss is not likely to be a game-changer for most spouses. In addition, it is important to remember that the courts have shifted their position when it comes to spousal support. Most spouses who will receive alimony will only have that support for a limited period of time. Alimony is viewed as a temporary form of financial support while a divorced spouse gets back into the workforce.

For the vast majority of Texas spouses, going back to work or taking a better job is the right course of action during a divorce. Not only will a new job lead to increased income, there are also a range of personal benefits that are gained. Renewed confidence, a sense of pride and providing a great example to one's children are all reasons to dive back in and work on one's career goals. For those who are concerned about how a new position could affect their spousal support payments, a divorce attorney can run the numbers and give a professional opinion on the matter.  

Source: The Huffington Post, "Top 6 Reasons You Should Take the Job Despite Your Divorce", Morghan Leia Richardson, Aug. 5, 2015

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