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Don't make this common divorce mistake

During the course of a Texas divorce, many spouses will make a number of mistakes. Some are unavoidable, but others can be easily avoided with the right degree of planning and effort. A prime example lies in taking an overly aggressive stance in the early stages of one's divorce. Doing so can create an environment of contention and animosity, a position from which it can be very hard to back down.

One way that spouses taint the early stages of their divorce is by mishandling the filing process. While there are some instances in which a spouse must complete the filing before their partner is aware of the divorce, this is very rare. Most couples will have an easier time moving through the divorce process if both spouses are aware that the marriage is ending and have given each other sufficient time to process that truth.

Another way that spouses can create a negative divorce environment is to open the process with an aggressive negotiation volley. It serves virtually no one's interest to come out of the gate with an overly combative stance. A better approach is to begin from a stance of collaboration and adjust from there. It is always possible to move into a stronger negotiation position, but it can be very difficult to back down from an overly aggressive one.

For those in Texas who are considering how to approach their impending divorce, it is worth the time and effort to consider the negative ramifications that can accompany an overly negative position. While some contention is to be expected, the best divorce outcomes are achieved when both spouses are able to set aside their emotions and focus on the business of dividing assets and addressing child custody matters. Moving forward is the goal of both parties, and this is an outcome that is best served by a cooperative approach.

Source: The Huffington Post, "10 Legal Mistakes People Make During Divorce (And How Not To Make Them!)", Karen Covy, July 20, 2015

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