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August 2015 Archives

How to help your divorce attorney help you

Working with an attorney is the most efficient and effective way to move through a Texas divorce. Throughout that process, spouses can do a great deal to move their own divorce forward. An attorney is there to provide legal advice and guidance, and to draft the documents needed to formally end the marriage. He or she cannot, however, accomplish all of the items needed to complete a divorce. Spouses are required to actively participate, and to assist the attorney in moving the divorce process forward.

Using a team approach within a Texas divorce

The legal process of ending a marriage requires a great many decisions on the part of both spouses. The outcome of that process will impact the lives of all parties and any shared children for many years to come. For those in Texas who are preparing to divorce, it is important to assemble a team of professionals to guide that process, and to provide the advice and support needed to emerge with a settlement that is conducive to future wellness and financial stability.

Weighing spousal support against a job offer

During a Texas divorce, spouses are often under a great deal of pressure to make savvy financial decisions. Unfortunately, most people are unfamiliar with divorce and the financial matters that accompany this process. This leaves many feeling overwhelmed and fearful that they might make a choice that could jeopardize their ability to receive child support or spousal support.

Don't make this common divorce mistake

During the course of a Texas divorce, many spouses will make a number of mistakes. Some are unavoidable, but others can be easily avoided with the right degree of planning and effort. A prime example lies in taking an overly aggressive stance in the early stages of one's divorce. Doing so can create an environment of contention and animosity, a position from which it can be very hard to back down.