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July 2015 Archives

Pay attention to credit during and after a divorce

The end of a marriage marks a major transition in one's life and is the doorway into a new future. For many in Texas, a primary concern during a divorce is the financial ramifications that will result. One of the best ways to ensure a stable financial future is to address credit matters in the early stages of divorce.

Frozen embryos present unusual child custody issue

Many couples in Texas and across the nation make use of technology to create and freeze embryos for later use in conceiving a child. When such couples divorce, legal battles can arise over which party should determine the fate of those embryos. One such case is currently before an out-of-state court, and the result could lead to legal precedent in the matter. Eventually, these cases could also bring about child custody decisions that are very different from the norm.

Tips for making summer visitation a success

With summer vacation in full swing, many Texas parents are excited to spend more time with their children. For those families who have gone through a divorce, summer visitation is a chance for the non-custodial parent to spend a significant period of time with their child or children. While transitioning from one household to another can be stressful, there are steps that both parents can make to ease this process.

Children jailed over refusing visitation with estranged father

An unusual and highly controversial custody case has made headlines in Texas and across the nation. Many parents are outraged after a judge made the decision to incarcerate three minor children after they refused to go through with a scheduled visitation with their estranged father. None of the children, ages 15, 10 and 9, have broken any law, yet they are being housed with juvenile offenders while their parents continue to battle in court.

Tips for men struggling with divorce

When a woman goes through the end of a marriage, she often has a wide range of resources from which to draw. Not only do women tend to form more close interpersonal connections with friends and family, but our culture supports the notion that women are "talkers" while men are more action oriented. In reality, both men and women can have difficulty when it comes to moving past a divorce. Understanding how to cope with these difficulties is important for men in Texas and elsewhere.