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June 2015 Archives

2 types of behavior that often lead to divorce

Marriages end for a variety of reasons, but for many couples, it is not one specific event that precipitates the decision to file for divorce. Rather, it is a pattern of behavior that builds tension over time. Social scientists have identified two types of behavior that are particularly caustic to a relationship. The existence of either of these patterns should be cause for concern for Texas couples, as they are indicators that the marriage may be headed for divorce.

Can you claim a spouse's Social Security after divorce?

Most Texas spouses are aware that married couples have a range of options when planning their Social Security strategy. However, few realize that the ability to make a claim against the work record of one's spouse does not always end when the marriage goes through a divorce. For many spouses, claiming through a former spouse's work record can play a central role in their own retirement planning.

The importance of finding the right divorce attorney

For Texas spouses who are preparing to divorce, finding the right legal counsel is essential to a positive outcome. This is a relationship that is being formed, and while it is a professional and not a personal bond, it is a partnership that will have a great deal of influence on one's future, and one that takes place during a challenging phase of an individual's life. Finding a good divorce match requires a degree of attention and effort.

Leave your divorce out of graduation day celebrations

Spring is in full swing, and many families are preparing for a milestone event in the lives of their teenage children. Graduation day is just around the corner, and some Texas families are struggling over how to find the right balance between two sides of a divorce. For those facing this challenge, there is no better advice other than to point out that divorce woes should play absolutely no role in the celebration of this special day.