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"Kate Plus 8" parents facing a new child custody fight

Some Texas readers are familiar with the reality television show "Kate Plus 8" that airs on TLC. The show follows a mother and her eight children, including a set of twins and a set of sextuplets. It was previously called "Jon and Kate Plus 8," but when the parents divorced, the father moved out of the home and was no longer regularly featured on the show. The two went through a bitter and very public child custody battle at that time, which resulted in Kate Gosselin receiving primary physical custody of all eight kids and Jon receiving visitation rights.

Jon Gosselin is currently trying to alter that arrangement, however, and is asking for custody of one of his daughters. The 11-year-old has expressed to her father that she no longer wants to be a part of the television show, but is being forced to participate in filming. She is one of the sextuplets, and it is unclear whether the producers of the show would allow filming to continue if all of the case members are not present. According to Jon Gosselin, his daughter is claiming that her mother treats her with cruelty. After a recent visit with her dad, she resisted going back to her mother's home.  

In asking the court for a change to the existing child custody arrangement, Jon Gosselin will have to demonstrate that there have been significant changes in the lives of the children since the time that the previous custody hearings took place. When it comes to discussing their participation in the television show, this may be a difficult point to make, as Jon was once actively involved in filming the show with his wife and children. However, if one of the children is steadfastly refusing to continue with "Kate Plus 8," then the courts may consider granting him more visitation time, if not a complete change of living arrangements.

As this case moves forward, Texas readers will likely learn more about this unusual family, even if they are not fans of "Kate Plus 8." While it is uncommon for a parent to request custody of just one of multiple children, it is not unheard of. If a court of law determines that the circumstances merit a new child custody arrangement, the future of the hit reality series could be uncertain.

Source: Yahoo Parenting, "Can Jon Gosselin Seize Custody of Just One Child From Ex, Kate?", Jennifer O'Neill, May 15, 2015

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