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Child support and alimony consideration for Texas spouses

During a Texas divorce, one of the primary areas of focus involves child support and/or alimony payments. For the individual who will receive these payments, the manner in which they are structured can have a great deal of impact on one's long-term financial stability. Understanding the issues surrounding child support and alimony can help Texas spouses negotiate the best possible settlement.

When it comes to these types of support payments, the amount that is agreed upon between spouses or ordered by the court is only part of the story. The payment amount is worth nothing if the party who is tasked with making these payments becomes unable to meet that obligation. While there are procedures in place to address the non-payment of child support, a favorable outcome is far from guaranteed. For individuals who are concerned that their former husband or wife may lose their source of income in the years following a divorce, it may be better to take a different negotiating stance.

Take the example of a wife who is seeking significant child support or alimony from her husband who owns a small contracting company. If the company has been in financial distress for a period of time prior to the divorce, or if there is reason to believe that the business might fail in the near future, then relying on child support and/or alimony may not be the best choice. In such cases, it may make better financial sense to negotiate for a greater share of marital assets in return for lower support payments. This puts the value of those assets into the hands of the supported spouse as soon as the divorce is made final.

This type of property division arrangement is not suited for everyone. However, it may be a valid option for Texas spouses who doubt their ability to collect child support or alimony from their soon-to-be ex. By negotiating for a larger volume of marital wealth from the onset of the divorce, it may be possible to avoid financial distress if the other party loses his or her ability to make support payments as agreed upon.

Source: unionleader.com, "Money Sense: Financial mistakes to avoid during a divorce settlement", Marc A Hebert, May 2, 2015

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