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May 2015 Archives

"Kate Plus 8" parents facing a new child custody fight

Some Texas readers are familiar with the reality television show "Kate Plus 8" that airs on TLC. The show follows a mother and her eight children, including a set of twins and a set of sextuplets. It was previously called "Jon and Kate Plus 8," but when the parents divorced, the father moved out of the home and was no longer regularly featured on the show. The two went through a bitter and very public child custody battle at that time, which resulted in Kate Gosselin receiving primary physical custody of all eight kids and Jon receiving visitation rights.

Child support and alimony consideration for Texas spouses

During a Texas divorce, one of the primary areas of focus involves child support and/or alimony payments. For the individual who will receive these payments, the manner in which they are structured can have a great deal of impact on one's long-term financial stability. Understanding the issues surrounding child support and alimony can help Texas spouses negotiate the best possible settlement.

How will property division affect one's 401(k) savings?

Many Texas residents have worked for years to build significant retirement savings. Divorce can threaten that financial stability, and spouses who are unable to make wise property division choices risk losing a considerable amount of the money that has been set aside for retirement. An example lies in the manner in which 401(k) accounts are handled during the division of marital wealth. Without proper planning, a large portion of these funds can be lost to fees and taxes, and not put to use by either spouse.

The role of social media in divorce

Texas couples may want to consider the potential negativity that their social media usage inflicts on their marriages. A British law firm surveyed 2,000 married individuals and concluded that about 14 percent of these individuals were provoked by their spouse's social media use to the point that they regarded divorce as a possible option.