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April 2015 Archives

MVP Hamilton's baseball career up in the air, files for divorce

Former Major League Baseball MVP Josh Hamilton, currently on the Los Angeles Angels roster, filed for divorce against his wife in February. The petition was filed in Texas, where Hamilton previously played for the Rangers, and cites a long history of conflict between the spouses. Hamilton has also reportedly been involved in substance abuse, including a relapse earlier this year. His wife has filed a general denial to the divorce petition.

Failing to pay child support and incarceration in Texas

Many people who are ordered to pay child support fall behind or simply fail to make their court ordered payments. Over time, these parents may rack up a significant amount of child support debt. When a person owes back child support, the state may garnish the person's wages, sometimes leaving them with little to live on.

Woman gives divorce notice via Facebook

Obtaining a divorce in Texas is not as easy sending a spouse a message on Facebook and changing one's relationship status, but some people have been allowed to use the popular social media site as a way to give someone else legal notice. However, one must go through official channels and have proof of his or her efforts before judges in some states allow one to serve papers through Facebook.

A look at common mistakes people make in divorce

Texas residents may be interested in some common mistakes that many spouses make when getting a divorce. Because of a failure to see long-term issues, many of these serious financial errors can come back to haunt a person later in life.