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Divorces may not have to be expensive

One thing that many Texas couples whose marriages are breaking down are concerned about is whether a divorce will be expensive. Issues related to spousal support and property division are the ones that typically cause the most problems for divorcing couples.

Most people going through a divorce will not be coping with the high bills that arise in many high-profile divorce cases, but will spend a lot of money, in any case. However, in cases of uncontested divorces without a trial involved, the couple can usually finalize the process within a matter of weeks. There are a few issues that couples can avoid during the divorce proceedings that will help save a lot of costs. Experts advise that couples avoid bringing their problems with each other into the appointments with their respective lawyers, which only uses up billable time. Fighting about minor issues and making an issue of minor child custody issues are also best avoided.

Texas is a community property state, but it is still helpful to the parties in a divorce case to have a clear picture of their assets and liabilities. Lawyers and other experts recommend careful financial planning because of the impact that emotions have on some of the decisions reached during a divorce. It is also important for both parties to understand the impact that a spouse's spending during marriage might have on their credit score.

The end of a marriage is something that both sides should handle carefully. The advice of an attorney is often very helpful in getting through the details of a divorce. Consulting with a lawyer before starting the process can in many cases bring about a quicker conclusion.

Source: CNBC, "How to get divorced without breaking the bank", Susan Caminiti, Feb. 9, 2015

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