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November 2014 Archives

Adoption by a stepparent

There are times when a stepparent in Texas wishes to legally adopt their stepchild. Although challenges may arise, adopting stepchildren is generally a much easier process than other forms of adoption. Unlike other kinds of adoption, the court may not require home visits and adoption hearings. As a result, adopting a stepchild can happen relatively quickly once certain requirements are met.

The day of the divorce

The last step of formalizing a Texas divorce is the final court hearing. The person filing the divorce may choose to appear before a jury or a judge. When there is complete consensus between the two divorcing partners as to property distribution, the disposition of debt and any support payments for the spouse or child, then the petitioner in the divorce may appear before a judge with all necessary paperwork provided in triplicate and obtain a final divorce decree in relatively little time.

The use of parenting plans in custody and visitation proceedings

Divorcing parents in Texas may be familiar with the idea that the best interests of the child determine a court's decision on child custody disputes. When such a dispute arises, a court may require divorcing parents to devise a parenting plan. A parenting plan specifies how the child will be supported, who is responsible for the child and specifics on parental access to a child.