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August 2014 Archives

Prenuptial agreements and how they can help marriages

Compared to the distant past, the social stigma attached to spouses allowing a prenuptial agreement for one another may have lessened. Many couples in Texas may yet have reservations regarding prenuptial agreements, however, possibly thinking that they somehow cheapen a marriage's integrity. It may be better instead to view a prenup as a thoughtful measure that embraces realistic expectations from marriage and life in general.

Paternity suits in Texas

Parents in Texas may benefit from learning more about how paternity suits are managed in the state. Court cases that involve child custody or child support often require proof of paternity. The parent who is requesting support or the parent interested in maintaining a relationship with the child can request proof of paternity. The paternity suit is a legal action one takes to determine who the biological parent is.

What is required to adopt a child in Texas?

Texas residents who are interested in adopting a child may wish to know what requirements and responsibilities must be met prior to becoming an adoptive parent. These requirements are there to help both the parents and the Department of Family and Protective Services assess whether they are good candidates for adoption.

More grandchildren living with grandparents

Texas residents might be interested to learn that federal statistics show that the number of children living with their grandparents, instead of their biological parents, has significantly increased over the past decade. U.S. Census statistics show that grandparents were raising 4.9 million children in 2010, up from 2.4 million in the 2000s.

Billionaire Kenneth C. Griffin files for divorce

Texas investors familiar may be interested to learn that Kenneth Griffin, the founder of the investment company Citadel LLC, filed for divorce in Chicago on July 23, citing an irretrievable breakdown. Griffin, 45, and his wife, 43, have been married for 11 years. They have three children, all under six years of age. According to an index published by Bloomberg, Kenneth Griffin's net worth is approximately $5.6 billion.