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Divorce finalized for Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony

Texas fans of Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony might be interested to learn that after separating in July 2011, the couple's divorce has been finalized. A judge gave the singers joint custody of their twins in a judgment on June 16, two years after Anthony filed for divorce. The terms of the divorce recognize that former couple will work to shield their children from the press. Unlike Anthony's previous divorce, he won't be required to give his now ex-wife, Lopez, any money in child support.

Anthony has two sons with a former spouse. The judge in that case recently issued a proposed ruling stating that Anthony should pay the mother of his 10-year-old and 13-year-old sons almost $27,000 monthly in support. In addition, he would also need to pay $12,000 annually to cover expenses for his ex and their kids, which would include tuition fees, medical expenses and the cost of vacations. The terms have yet to be finalized.

Anthony and Lopez agreed to forgo child support or alimony in their divorce. Lopez will keep the twin boy and girl most days. They'll be with their father seven days each month. Both singers are in the public eye a lot. The judgment states that it isn't in the best interest of the children to expose them to the public spectacle surrounding their famous parents and their musical successes, including a newly-released album by Lopez. Anthony's last Spanish album was a success, and he's planning to put out an English album next.

Child custody concerns center around the children's best interest, creating a burden on parents to demonstrate that being with them is best for the kids. A family law attorney could assist a client in obtaining custody and with other aspects of an overall settlement.

Source: Fox News Latino , "JLo, Marc Anthony's Divorce: No Child Support And Kids Shielded From Press", June 19, 2014

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